It’s easy to consume too many treats during the holiday season. With family gatherings and joy all around we’re surrounded by delicious treats everywhere we look! If we lived in a world where avoiding treats were easy we would just recommended cutting sugar from your diet all together. However you and I both know this is a highly impractical request.
So instead of saying to stop enjoying holiday treats all together, here are the top treats to limit this holiday season.
1. Candy Canes: Candy canes are a delicious and lasting treat often found in both bakery items and stockings. This main issue with a Candy Cane is the fact many people will suck on them over prolonged periods of times. This means they are slowly dissolving in your mouth and affecting your teeth. Many people also with chew at them and the solid candy can cause chips and cracks!
2. Cookies: Cookies are full of sugar and it’s very easy to overindulge in them! Consider enjoying them in moderation and not every day or you may notice damage to your shiny white teeth!
3. Holiday Drinks: Drinks like apple cider and eggnog are packed with extremely high amount of sugar! (Apple cider can have as much as 65 grams of sugar in it!) Stick to a small amount of your favorite drink and rinse off your teeth with a glass of water afterwards.
4. Caramels: Caramels can be extremely damaging since they are loaded with sugar and are sticky and hard to chew. Because of their chewy consistency they often get stuck in between the teeth and slowly dissolve over time.

All the sugar in these awesome treats mix with the plaque on your teeth creating an acid that eats away at your enamel. It’s okay to enjoy the holidays with a tummy filling treat but consider eating smaller amounts and not every day to keep your teeth beautiful for the new year!