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New braces can be tough to get used to. Braces are a big adjustment, but eating foods that are gentle on your mouth can help. Here are some ideas for what to eat during your first week with braces. Breakfast When you’re planning what to eat during your first week with braces, plan with comfort…

What Do Braces Feel Like

Getting braces is a big decision. It can bring a lot of changes to your life. Many people want to know before they take the leap, what do braces feel like? Here’s what people who have had braces have to say about their experience. The First Few Weeks What do braces feel like during the…

Visiting the Dentist with Braces

You may have wondered, if you’re seeing an orthodontist, do you still need to see your regular dentist? It’s important to visit the dentist routinely, especially when you have braces. Here are 4 things to know while visiting the dentist with braces so that you can be prepared for what it’s like to see a…

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